Picture Hanging Marker Tags – FAQ

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I am working on a picture grouping on a whole wall, will this work?

Align the hole of the tag with the frame hanging hardware and find the perfect spot for your frame. Then do the same with the next frame and keep going until the job is done.

  • No need to measure anything!
  • It works every time with no more extra holes in the walls!
  • You do not have to start from the bottom, so just hang the first one and build on that!
  • It is perfect to help you hang items visually!
Can Simply Hang it Picture Hanging Marker Tags be used with all types of picture hanging hardware?

Yes. Even in frames with no hanging hardware, Simply Hang it still works. You just have to align the marker tag hole with the location of where the nail meets the frame. You can use it on frames with hanging hardware and items, or frames without any hardware. It is very easy to use! To learn more, visit the How To Use Simply Hang it

Align hole with edge of frame

Does Simply Hang it Picture Hanging Marker Tags work with frames that use two or more hanging mechanisms?

Yes. Just position one in one hook and another in another hook. Level your picture, either with a level or eyeballing and you will have both locations marked on the wall. It works with no measurements or writing on the walls!

two hooks in one frame

What if the hole is in the middle of the frame?

You can simply adhere one tag to the other and make it as long as you need.

Multiple Tags on frames

How does this work with wire hangers?

Easy. Just extend the wire up just like it sits withe the nail, then mark the spot in the back of the frame. Align the Simply Hang it Marker tag hole and that will be the place to pound your nail.

For detail instructions, visit the How to use it, Wired Hanger Page

I marked a location on the wall but now want to find a better location, can I reposition it?

Yes. Just peel it off the wall and move it to the new location.

My picture is heavy and I need to hang it in a stud, will this work?

Yes. Unlike other products, this will let you see the direction where the nail needs to be so you can easily align it with the wall stud.

Align frame to the stud int he wall

I need to mark the location for the pictures so my handy person can nail them later, can I do that?

That is perfect because you write on Simply Hang it Marker Tags!

Use a pencil, a permanent marker or a pen and write on the tag the picture you want in that location and your handy person can hang it later.

I hammered the nail and am done, how do I remove the Simply Hang it Marker Tag?

Just rip it from the wall, it will tear around the nail!

Use a pencil, a permanent marker or a pen and write on the tag the picture you want in that location and your handy person can hang it later.

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