One try and hang it right!

Whether you have one picture to hang, an art object, or a wall collage, Simply Hang it™ marker tags will make your job a lot easier!

  • No more guesswork.
  • No more measuring and reworking your measurements.
  • No more writing all over your walls.
  • No more extra holes in your walls.
  • Easily customizable: Just connect one or more if needed!

Simply the easiest way to hang all your pictures!

Simply Hang it Helps you Hang Pictures

  • O-Rings, Triangle Rings, D-Rings Hooks
  • Sawtooth hangers
  • Keyhole hangers
  • Recessed fasteners or holes
  • Wired hangers (may use more than 1)
  • Security hangers
  • No hanger, just the frame or object edge
  • Self Leveling hangers

Works with all Picture Hanging Hardware

Simply Hang it™ – the easiest way to hang a picture

Simply Hang Any Project

With these amazingly simple marker tags you can mark the exact location for your nail or screw.

No matter if your project has no picture hanging hardware, one, two or more hooks you can easily apply a marker tag and find the location on the surface.

Do you need to nail to a stud? No problem, find the stud, adhere the tag to the back of your frame, place it on the wall and align it with the stud, apply pressure to the tag and the right spot for the nail will be marked.

No more extra holes on your walls and no guessing where the nail should go!

No Extra Holes in the Walls

Simply Hang it helps you hang it right every time! Just apply Simply Hang it to the back of the frame and move it around until you find the right spot.

Once you know where the picture goes, the rest is easy, just press Simply Hang it to the wall and remove the frame, leaving Simply Hang it in the wall marking the exact spot for the nail.

Don't have time to nail it now? No problem... if you need to you can write on Simply Hang it and come back later without having to search for the little mark on the wall!

What Kind of Picture Hanging Hardware Work Best with Simply Hang it?

Simply Hang it works with all Picture Hanging Hardware!

4 Tips to Hanging Pictures the Easy Way:

  1. Use the right tools like Simply Hang it. No need to measure and no extra holes on the walls.
  2. Use a flexible tool that works on all types of hanging hardware. Simply Hang it works on all of them. 
  3. Use a tool that can be used on all types of frames, on all types of walls and in any arrangement, even frames that are very close together.
    Simply Hang it can be used at an angle to easily find a single spot for a nail, or multiple nails.
  4. Use a tool that can adapt to handle even the oddest hanging hardware.
    In frames where the wire is in the middle of the frame, just affix one or more Simply Hang its together to reach the top of the frame.

Simply Hang it is the secret to hanging pictures without measuring!

O-Ring Type Hardware Tips:

Just place Simply Hang it on the location where the nail meets the hanging hardware.

For o-ring type hanging hardware place Simply Hang it under the o-ring. Some frames have two o-rings, one on each corner. Just place two Simply Hang it under the o-rings. If you are hanging pictures close together, just angle the Simply Hang it under the o-ring and easily mark the spot.

For frames with two o-rings you might need another person to help hold the frame on the wall so you can affix the back side of Simply Hang it to the wall. After you find the position you want your picture hanged, affix Simply Hang it to the spot where the nail meets the o-ring hardware, press Simply Hang it to the wall and while keeping your finger onSimply Hang it, remove the frame, leaving Simply Hang it to mark the spot where the nail should go.