Hang Easily with No Hanging Hardware

Learn how to use Simply Hang it Marker Tags on wall décor with NO picture hanging hardware. 

Sometimes you want to hang wall décor or objects that have no hanging hardware, for those projects Simply Hang it™ marker tags are also perfect!

Instructions for wall décor with no hanging hardware:


Peel front and back of simply hang it

1. Peel the liner from the FRONT and BACK of as many Simply Hang it marker tags that you will need. 








Step 2 no hook hanging

2. On the back of your wall décor align the hole to the location where you will secure the nail.

Since there are no hooks in this wall décor, I decided to use 3 nails to secure it.

Note that the top Simply Hang it Tab is at an angle. You can put Simply Hang it in any angle and it will still mark the nail spot.





Step 3 press simply hang it to the wall

3. Hold the piece to the wall and pressure the 3 tabs firmly to the wall. Remove the wall décor.

Simply Hang it will show the exact locations to hammer the nails.







Nail to the wall

4. Hammer all three nails.

Rip Simply Hang it from the wall, after you are done hammering.








Hanged on the wall

5. Hang your art piece and you are done!