Multiple Hooks

Does Simply Hang it Marker Tags work on frames with multiple hooks? Of course, it does! Follow the instructions below and learn how easy it is to hang it right the first time!

Instructions for Using SimplyHangit on a Frame with Multiple Hanging Hardware:


more than one hook

1. Turn your picture over so the back side faces you.








more than one hook

2. Peel off tape liner from FRONT side (over the hole) and align the marker tag hole with the exact location where your fastener will be and press firmly. Do this for each tag.







Easy hang a picture

3. Peel off tape liner from the top BACK side and position your item where you want it on the wall or surface. Do this for each tag.








Easy hang pictures

4. Press top of marker tags to surface and keep applying pressure while removing the item to be hung.

If your picture is large, you might need help on this step. You will need to apply pressure to both tags.







5. The marker tags will stay and the hole will indicate where your nail or screw should go.







6. Position the nail or screw on the marker tag hole.

After you secure the nail just rip off the tag and you are done!







Simply hang it - done