Wired Type Hanger

Pictures with wire hardware can be a challenge to hang, but not if you use Simply Hang it Marker Tags!

Just mark the nail position on the back of the frame and use one or more Simply Hang it tabs to show you the exact nail position. Simply Hang it marker tags can be attached to each other to extend to as tall as you need, so even on very large frames, you can still use Simply Hang it!

Instructions for Wired Hangers:


Turn frame over

1. Turn your picture over so the back side faces you.








Pull wire up

2. Pull the wire as far up as you can, so you can see where the nail would hold the frame.








mark the location

3. With a pen or pencil mark the location.








Use 3 marker tabs

4. For this frame, we will need 3 Simply Hang it marker tags. Peel the front and backs of all tags and connect them so the back of one tab adheres to the top of the other.

This extends Simply Hang it to any length you need.





Position the marker tag into the hole

5. Align the bottom tag with the mark you previously added to the frame.








place art on wall

6. Position the frame on the wall, pressure the Simply Hang it tag on the wall and remove the frame.







Hammer the nail through the tag


7. Hammer the nail through the tag and rip them from the wall once done.







wired frame hanged


7. Hang the frame and you are done!